Current Projects

1.Chambali Project 2018-19

  • Protection and conservation of flora, fauna, forests and wildlife in selected area.
  • Afforestation and regeneration of selected area.
  • Protection of environment in order to promote sustainable development.




2.Kolvihire project 2018-19

Continuous Contour Trenches & Percolation Tank Repair

ü Stop the soil erosion,

ü Ground water recharge

ü Protective irrigation for farming and fruit cultivation

ü Drinking water availability

ü Fodder availability

3.Anjir Odha in Khalad : Percolation Tank Repairing & De-silting project       (2018-2019)

 Drinking water for the villager’s throughout the year

 To stop the soil erosion

 To recharge ground water level

 Fodder availability throughout the year

 Protective irrigation for rabbi crops & fruit cultivation

 Karha River rejuvenation (Long Term Objective)

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Dada Wadekar
Wada, Thane