Gram Gaurav Pratishthan has accumulated a rich experience of over 45 years in watershed
management in the Purandhar taluk. We have been able to experiment with various techniques, try
out innovative measures and collaborate with various organisations, to achieve desired goals. At this
juncture, we believe we should disseminate our knowledge in the benefit of society. This is
important since the problem of water cannot be solved any one stakeholder alone. Our goal is to
provide theoritical and practical knowledge to students, villagers, NGOs and civil society, all those
who wish to contribute their efforts in reducing the water shortage in India’s village.

All the courses can be done at our training centre at Khalad, Purandhar taluka, or at the client site. Please contact us for further details.

We have designed the following courses for specific audiences.

  • 16 hours course for BSc/BE college students. This starts with a theoritical understanding of
    watershed ecology and then proceeds to concepts of governance, equitable distribution,
    demand management. The students are taken on a full-day field visit to a catchment area,
    where they get to see testing equipment, CCT marking and conduct a mock water budgeting
    Detailed session plans are available for interested colleges.
  •  8 hours course for those who are interested in knowing watershed management techniques.
    This can be deployed through various organisations, CSR programs and funders.
  •  Customized course for NGOs working in water management. This can be designed as per the
    requirement of the organisation.