Panchkroshi Watershed Management

PANCHKROSHI Watershed Management

Kumbharwalan, Ekhatpur-Munjwadi,

Khanawadi, Khalad.
Tal: Purandar, Dist: Pune.


Gram Gourav Pratishthan (GGP) has been working for sustainable, equitable and integrated water management (surface and groundwater) by the local community to stabilize and enhance the agriculture – based economy and provide productive employment in the rural area of Pune district since 1974. GGP has implemented 54 small community lift irrigation schemes in Tehasil Purandar of Pune district and also in the tribal area of Junnar – Ambegaon – Khed of Pune district under tribal sub plan since 2004.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which provide a framework to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity, came into effect in 2016. Over 22 years ago, GGP started working on a similar set of goals with village communities in the Purandhar taluka of Pune district. Our three focus areas are Water security, Safe and nutritious food and health and education.

The Pani Panchayat movement evolved during the rehabilitation work after the disastrous drought of 1972. Vilasrao Salunke was able to convince and motivate farmers of Naigaon village of the drought-prone Purandhar taluka of Maharashtra, to collaborate in harnessing their water resources to protect from future drought situations. Since then, village watershed development has been the prime focus of GGP.

The Pani Panchayat model of Watershed development is governed by principles laid down to pursue the greater common good of the village. Our model goes beyond water security. We place equal emphasis on equitable distribution of water, consideration of the landless peasants, community participation in the program and rejuvenation of biodiversity and ecosystem services within the watershed. For this, the focus is on social, financial and technological planning for a holistic development of the watershed region and sustainable water resources.

In this journey, we have partnered with several national and international organisations and our learning experience of the last 45 years has now turned into our competency. Vilasrao believed that the Pani Panchayat philosophy and experience must be disseminated in society, and with this intention, GGP started the Training Centre at Khalad. Here, farmers can stay on campus and acquire training in watershed development techniques. Furthermore, we conduct a systematic Watershed Development Program for rural colleges, which is delivered in a highly engaging classroom-multimedia-case study-practicals format.


GGP has been working with neighboring villages around the training center at village Khalad Tal Purandar to develop a “Panchcroshi “model based on local resource mapping,(land,water,energy),planning for food security for the local Community and marketable surplus with assured price and gainful employment for the local youths through livelihood multi skill training.

Goal behind the Project

  • Drinking water for the villager’s throughout the year,
  •  To stop the soil erosion,
  •  To recharge ground water level,
  •  Fodder availability,
  •  Protective irrigation for fruit cultivation.

Strategy of work

Technical Support

The technical support required at the execution of thisproject is the responsibility of the GGP. Also monitoring, survey & resolving the issues on the field will be handled by

Peoples Contribution

The group of beneficiaries participated by providing the stones, the stone pitching for waste weir of the compartment bunds & transportation of excavated soil. This participation is beneficial to protect this work in future.